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GARLOCK PRINTING & CONVERTING takes great pride in offering a superior level of Customer Service. Our knowledgeable & helpful Customer Service Department consists of representatives dedicated to specific markets, including:

• Retail • Flexible • Medical • Food Service • Beverage, and others

Well-trained and possessing decades of combined experience, our top-notch team is focused on promptly reacting to, and providing for, any and all of your needs. From placement to shipment, they manage and monitor your orders through all stages of production, including responding immediately to developing issues, and protecting the integrity of your valuable business.

At Garlock Printing, we know that our success is built from the relationships we establish with our customers, and our Customer Service Team is the foundation of that ideal.

"To continue providing the superior level of customer service which our existing customers have come to know, and that our future customers can expect to receive."

After all…without you…the customer…we can not make it happen!!