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Consumers gain exceptional shelf appeal with high quality graphics on stand up pouches. When combined with a recloseable zipper a package can offer additional functionality.

40" widths with the following capabilities:

-Three Sided Flat Pouch
-Three Sided Flat Pouch with Zipper
-Two Sided Flat Pouch with Header and Zipper
-Round Bottom Stand Up with Zipper
-Angle Bottom Stand Up with Zipper
-Angle Bottom Stand Up with Zipper and Wicket Holes
-Handle Pouches (Flat or Stand Up)


On almost any type of substrate including plastic, metallic films, cellophane, and paper. On non-porous substrates required for various types of food packaging and flexible packaging.

arrowBag Making

We convert millions of bags daily, wicketed bags, convert loose cut bags, bags on rolls, bottom seal, side seal, and bottom/side gusseted bags.


>Custom slitting, slitting and rewinding, material rewinding or specialty roll slitting projects.


Our adhesive laminating systems include product protection, high clarity, durable finish, and strong interlaminate bonds.

arrowCoating Off-Line

Offering a range of coatings for your flexible packages.

arrowLaser Perfing

The laser perforation of packaging films is used to prolong the freshness and quality of perishable food.